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More Than a Band-Aid

One volunteer shares why he became a mentor.

When Josh Rockett worked as a juvenile detention officer right out of college, he enjoyed working with the kids, but felt a nagging feeling that there was something more he could be doing. “I felt like it was a social band-aid at times,” he says. “It felt like I was helping them, but not as much as I could. And I thought something like a mentoring program would be more helpful because it’s preventative.”

Soon after hearing about the mentoring program at Warrenville Youth & Family services, Josh jumped right in. And he’s been a consistent support in his mentee’s life for two-and-a half years. Josh meets with Alejandro, a 17-year-old boy, every week during the school year and a few times during the summer, and they usually play games together such as pool, ping pong, basketball, soccer, croquet, or foosball.

Josh has seen many positive changes in Alejandro since he began working with him. “He is growing up and becoming a responsible and mature individual,” says Josh. “He helps his mom out a lot. He began working recently, and he’s a hard worker. He’s diligent in his studies at school.

“He is not easily persuaded by peer pressure,” Josh adds, “but sticks to what he knows is right. He has become a very kind person as well.”

Josh feels blessed to have the opportunity to build such a deep relationship with a youth. He feels so strongly about mentoring that he presented a top ten list to a group at his church, Faith Convenant in Wheaton.

Mentoring does, in fact, work. Thanks to Josh, and so many others like him, who’ve proven this to be true!

Josh’s Top Ten List for Mentoring

  1. Because young people need positive, adult role models.
  2. If you have kids, you know how important it is when other adults invest in and encourage your
  3. You enrich your life by helping to build a child’s character.
  4. You’ve had help along the way, and people have believed in you. Now it’s your turn.
  5. Because it’s a great way to serve your community.
  6. It’s fun.
  7. Jesus was a mentor to 12 people.
  8. You’ll learn. By serving as a mentor, you’ll learn from your mentee.
  9. Because you have been blessed to be a blessing.
  10. Mentoring Works!

One Response to “More Than a Band-Aid”

  1. Bunny Mirrilees says:

    I am impressed by Josh’s commitment to serve the community through mentoring. Today’s teens need positive male role models. Hope there are lots more like Josh and Alejandro out there!

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