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Would you sponsor a family in our community? Would you donate monthly to help a family with food and shelter?

The Family Sponsors network is the foundation of the Hearts of Grace community and our primary strategy to raise the support necessary to achieve our vision. [Read more...]

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Vision Projects

At Hearts of Grace we generate support for our vision through a wide variety of activities. As our community expands we anticipate that new projects will emerge as members find common interests with other members and generate new ideas. Our current projects include:

  • Fundraising Events. The Annual Women’s Luncheon and Auction held in the fall of each year is our premier event and the one time we seek to gather as many of the members of the Hearts of Grace community as we are able. In 2009, Hearts of Grace sponsored a musical event in partnership with Wheaton Bible Church featuring Steven Curtis Chapman. In 2011, the Hearts of Grace Action Board developed its first annual Fashion Show and plans are underway to build on its success in 2012. New and fresh ideas to raise support from our younger members are also encouraged!
  • Working on a more intimate level, Hearts of Grace launched the Family Sponsors campaign in the fall of 2010 with a goal of enlisting 500 families who are new to support of OCM and are willing to provide a monthly support in the range of $25 to $100 to sponsor a student or family in services at OCM’s neighborhood resource centers.

    The Hearts of Grace OCM Partners campaign was then launched in 2011 with a goal of enlisting 100 new families who have the capacity to underwrite annual gifts of $1000 to $10,000 to provide scholarships for students, young adults, and families enrolled in OCM’s most comprehensive ministries. Together the Hearts of Grace fundraising goals are ambitious—to increase annual support to OCM by $350,000 by 2016, enabling OCM to serve 300 more families in crisis each year at its resource centers and to significantly increase capacity in its transitional housing and college opportunity programs for young people who are vulnerable.

  • Website and Community Development. The Hearts of Grace website is our primary resource to develop the Hearts of Grace community. It utilizes a social media network as our base of operation. On the Hearts of Grace website, our members are encouraged in their faith and their efforts to put their faith into action. Stories of Hope provide testimonies of God’s amazing work in the lives of those we serve and the Faith in Action section provides devotionals, book reviews, articles, and teaching videos to support and encourage community service activities.
  • Volunteer Service Projects. Hearts of Grace members are encouraged to serve their community through volunteer service at OCM. Hearts of Grace currently sponsors three service projects on behalf of OCM and invited its members to join a volunteer Hearts of Grace team.
    The Christmas Store Project
    Jubilee Furniture Project
    Prayer Champions
    Other Opportunities to Serve
  • Each month new Prayer Requests are posted on the Hearts of Grace website and throughout the virtual community we hope to develop a powerful prayer network on behalf of OCM.Current Needs at OCM are also posted each month on the website and Hearts of Grace members are encouraged to consider how their network could respond to these needs.Volunteer Opportunities are also numerous at OCM. The Hearts of Grace website lists Volunteer Opportunities for the Hearts of Grace community and has links to the OCM website for more information.
  • More To Come. As our community expands and women of faith find one another we hope they will utilize the website and the leadership structure at Hearts of Grace to develop new and exciting opportunities for women to put their “faith into action through service to their community.”