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Families Helping Families

Nic and Joy Tosto are all about family. Nic, a Warrenville resident since 1999, was a single dad with three small children when he met Joy, who was a single mom with a daughter. They decided to marry. A large, boisterous blended family was born—and Joy would later give birth to a fifth child to complete their brood.

Soon after marrying, Nic and Joy’s friends, Tom and Beth Fairbanks, encouraged them to get involved with Warrenville Youth & Family Services. “We love what WYFS does for the community,” says Joy, “especially mentoring children. We really wanted to support the work of WYFS.”

When they heard about the Family Sponsorship program, which allows families to support programs that make a difference in the lives of their vulnerable neighbors, they knew it was the way to go. “Becoming a Family Sponsor was a perfect fit for our family of five,” says Joy. “Family is SO important to us!”

As the Tostos demonstrate how families can help families, they’re teaching their children the importance of giving. They taught another lesson in giving at their son’s first birthday party, when they asked guests to bring toys to donate directly to WYFS children’s programs in lieu of birthday gifts. Joy explained, “If we can do a little part in helping others, then we feel so blessed.

“We are thrilled to be able to help a local organization who, in turn, helps families.”

If you’re interested in experiencing the blessing of sponsoring a family in your community, click here for more information.

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