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Would you sponsor a family in our community? Would you donate monthly to help a family with food and shelter?

The Family Sponsors network is the foundation of the Hearts of Grace community and our primary strategy to raise the support necessary to achieve our vision. [Read more...]

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Thank you for considering your support of OCM’s ministry through the Hearts of Grace community. As a Hearts of Grace member your support will ensure the very best care for those in our community who are our most vulnerable: children, teens, and families in distress (James 1:27).

You have the opportunity to Donate Now in one of four ways.  Click on a link below to go directly to a donation form to make your gift:

  • Join Family Sponsors by providing monthly support for a child, teen, or family for one or more days of care each month.
  • Become a Hearts of Grace OCM Partner to provide annual scholarships for a homeless teen, college student, or family enrolled in the OCM ministries Hearts of Grace underwrites. Help us reach our campaign goal of 100 new OCM Partners through Hearts of Grace by December 2014.
  • Make a One-Time Gift, providing support for a day or more of care to a family in crisis, or a student in afterschool or summer school programs.
  • Join the Legacy Partners with your planned giving agreement.

To learn more about each opportunity you may scroll down this page right now or click above on the underlined links.

Sponsor a Family

The Family Sponsors network is the foundation of the Hearts of Grace community and our primary strategy to raise the support necessary to achieve our vision with OCM. We encourage everyone associated with the Hearts of Grace community who is not already a supporter of OCM to enhance their annual giving to the level of a Family Sponsor by spreading out their gift through monthly sponsorship payments to achieve their giving goal.

The inaugural Hearts of Grace campaign goal is to sign up 500 new Hearts of Grace Family Sponsors – providing support of $300/year or more to support a child or family for one to four days of care (or more) each month, for the year.

Why 500 sponsors? Today at OCM, more than 500 children, teens and families are helped on a daily or weekly basis. They are children who would be home alone while their parents are at work, who now come to a Neighborhood Resource Center for afterschool and summer school care, where they receive tutoring, mentoring, and spiritual formation; and they are parents and their children who come weekly to a counseling center for advice and guidance.

Almost every child, teen and family at OCM is in financial distress and most have circumstances that put them at risk. Every participant requires at least four days of financial sponsorship each month and most require a sponsor for every day of the week. Five hundred children, teens and families – 500 Family Sponsors – it’s a great place to begin for Hearts of Grace!

Typically Family Sponsors provide their support through a monthly contribution by check, credit card, or by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) from their checking or savings account. Some provide an entire year of support in one gift.  Click here to sign up now as one of our Family Sponsors.

The OCM Partners at Hearts of Grace

Hearts of Grace Partners are a part of the OCM Partners network. The Partners are individuals and families who provide contributions in the range of $1,000 to $10,000+ in a year’s  time. Partners also pledge to provide prayer support for the OCM staff and people they serve and to share with their peers the opportunity to serve their community in participation with OCM.

Partners gifts provide scholarships for the youth and families who are enrolled in OCM’s most comprehensive programs.

In the Transitional Housing ministry, $1,000 provides a homeless young woman one month of residence at Hawthorne House and a gift of $12,000 would sponsor her for a year. A gift of $2,500 sponsors a young mother at Jubilee Village for three months, and $10,000 covers a full year.

In the College Opportunity Program, a gift of $2,500 sponsors a high school student for the entire year and a gift of $5,000 provides a college scholarship plus support for one college student for the year.

At OCM’s community-based Family Resource Centers, a gift of $1,000 sponsors a family for a year in family stabilization services. A gift of $5,000 would sponsor five families.

To become an OCM Partner on behalf of Hearts of Grace, please click here to designate your gift to the project of your choice. For more information, contact Bonnie Malcolm Chrisman at or 630-682-1910.

Provide One-Time Gift

Every gift is valued by OCM because it comes from the heart. A one-time gift of $25 provides a night of transitional care for a homeless teen or young mother. Or it provides a day of afterschool or summer school care for a child at a community-based Family Resource Center; or a weekly session for an individual or family at one of three Community Counseling Centers.

A gift of $25 makes a difference! A gift of $50 makes that difference for two days; $75 for three days; and a gift of $125 supports an entire week of care.  To make your one-time gift now, click here.

The Legacy Partners

Hearts of Grace members who are considering planned giving and legacy gifts are encouraged to consider the planned giving opportunities at Outreach Community Ministries. Your planned giving agreement benefiting Outreach Community Ministries can ensure that long into the future, after your lifetime, you have made it possible for future generations in our communities to receive hope and opportunity, and to become all that God intends them to be. For information about the Legacy Partners at OCM, click here.

For further information you may contact Chris Ellerman, Chief Executive Officer, or Bonnie Malcolm Chrisman, Vice President of Resource Development, at 630.682.1910 or or

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